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Odds on Bengals drafting Kyler Murray

Could the Bengals actually take the huge gamble in this year’s draft?

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The 2019 NFL Draft quarterback group may not have an elite prospect, but it’s still a very intriguing group, highlighted by Kyler Murray of the Oklahoma Sooners.

There was some thought Murray could just end his football career and go to the MLB with the Athletics, who were offering him more money to stick to baseball. But Murray’s true love is with football, and he’s now pursuing his dreams of playing on the gridiron at the highest level.

The Bengals might be in the market for a quarterback early in this year’s draft, especially with Andy Dalton’s contract expiring in 2021. And with the zac Taylor regime set to take charge, the commitment to Dalton is less uncertain than it was under Marvin Lewis.

But is Murray someone that could actually be in play at No. 11?

Oddsmakers thinks there is a chance it could happen. BetOnline has given the Bengals 9-1 odds of landing Murray. BetDSI is less confident, giving Cincinnati just 30-1 odds to land the Heisman-winning quarterback.

The thing about this quarterback class, especially Murray, is there’s a belief that most, if not all of the top quarterbacks could use a year or two of development.

If the Bengals were to take Murray, that’s likely how 2019 would play out, as Dalton will probably start every game next season, even if they draft a quarterback early. If the Bengals draft one early, the best-case scenario would be to let Dalton start in 2019, then trade him in 2020, allowing his heir apparent to take the reigns.