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The Orange and Black Insider Bengals podcast: 1/23 livestream

We catch up with John Sheeran, who is in Mobile, AL, covering the Senior Bowl. Who has impressed and what other rumors are swirling around about the Bengals down south?

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Though the Bengals are still assembling much of their coaching staff, that doesn’t mean that the remaining members aren’t hard at work. Many contingents of Cincinnati’s scouting staff are in Mobile, Alabama, for the Senior Bowl.

So is our co-host, John Sheeran, who is covering the event for SB Nation. Aside from breaking news about the team, John will be joining us to talk about prospects who have been impressing and could be on the Bengals’ radar.

The Bengals are also reportedly making some interesting choices for their open coordinator positions. The dichotomy of personalities the team is reportedly looking at will be on the table for discussion.

We’ll also be taking your questions on the air, so send them our way! You can get them to us in the live chat through the embedded YouTube video, in the comments below, on Twitter, or via our call/text line at (949) 542-6241.

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