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Bengals News (1/24): What the draft could look like if Cincinnati moves on from Andy Dalton

There have been rumors of the Bengals could move on from Dalton this offseason, but what could that mean for the draft?

Cleveland Browns v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by John Grieshop/Getty Images

2019 NFL Mock Draft: Jaguars trade Leonard Fournette for Nick Foles, Bengals replace Andy Dalton
The draftniks are huddled in Mobile, Alabama this week for the Senior Bowl, grinding out practices and watching tons of future NFL players put on a show. You should be following our own Ryan Wilson (@RyanWilsonCBS) and Chris Trapasso (@ChrisTrapasso), both of whom are on site checking out the players involved in the Reese's party.

Cincinnati Bengals Three Round Mock Draft 2.0
The Bengals abysmal offensive line play in 2018 makes drafting at least one lineman a certainty. Ford possesses a rare blend of size and athleticism. Standing at an impressive 6’4 and weighing in at 330 pounds, Ford is more than capable of holding his own against bull rushers by anchoring his weight in his hips. Ford was frequently used in screenplays and outside runs, utilizing his quick feet and fluid blocking style. Ford isn’t quite as tall as most left tackles and might be better suited playing on the right side of the line, but he is ready to play from day one. Ford’s combination of athleticism and strength mean that he would be a starter, and a good one, for the Bengals right away.

Jon Gruden has high praise for possible Bengals head coach Zac Taylor
Taylor, the quarterback coach that ignited Jared Goff’s career in Los Angeles, has been rumored to be the Bengals’ next head coach and will announce his intent to coach the team following the Los Angeles Rams’ playoff run.

Bengals huge winners with Zac Taylor getting Super Bowl experience
At face value, the Cincinnati Bengals are at a disadvantage because they still don’t have a head coach or his staff in place while events like Shrine Week and the Senior Bowl pave the way for the 2019 NFL draft.

Random News

Where Are They Now? James Harrison Recalls His Super Bowl Heroics
He went to five Pro Bowls, recorded 84.5 regular-season sacks, forced 34 fumbles, was named a first-team All-Pro twice, won a Defensive Player of the Year award and won two Super Bowls with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Chiefs Fans Have Ruthlessly Blasted the Wrong Dee Ford on Twitter
Remember in the AFC Championship Game when ​Kansas City's Dee Ford lined up offsides, negating a game-sealing interception? Well, fans really let him have it, but they mentioned the female Ford on Twitter instead quite consistently.

Mike Freeman's 10-Point Stance: Expect the Unexpected from Belichick in SB 53
Bill Belichick has fooled, tricked, cajoled, outthought and outschemed opposing coaches for decades. If there is one certainty we can expect from Super Bowl LIII, it is that Belichick will do it again, and throw something at the Rams they didn't see coming.

Entering the Draft, QB Trace McSorley Is Used to Having to Convince His Skeptics
Over and over and over since the first time he picked up a football in grade school. It's not suddenly going to change this week at the Senior Bowl, when the idea of playing quarterback in the NFL comes squarely into focus.