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Bengals get Frank Ragnow in 2019 ESPN re-draft

Ragnow was who Cincinnati was expected to draft before Detroit snatched him up.

NFL: Detroit Lions at Green Bay Packers Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Going into the 2019 NFL Draft, the expectation was the Bengals would select Arkansas center Frank Ragnow.

However, Ragnow was taken one pick before the Bengals, as the Lions grabbed him at No. 20. That left the Bengals with Billy Price at 21, and the rest is history.

Ragnow went on to have a great season, albeit while playing guard, while Billy Price was one of the more underwhelming first-round picks in this draft.

To be fair, Price battled a foot injury that greatly affected his 2019 season, not to mention he spent a good chunk of the offseason recovering from a torn pec muscle.

Even so, ESPN’s re-do of the 2019 NFL Draft had Cincinnati landing Ragnow at the No. 21 pick (the Lions instead went with Will Hernandez).

Ragnow had the edge over Price in the original draft, and with him available, the Bengals stick with the same position but get their first choice. Since Ragnow also can play guard, the Bengals could’ve played him ahead of Alex Redmond and allowed Trey Hopkins to play center, giving them some flexibility. -- Katherine Terrell

It’s hard to argue with this, and that’s the pick I would have made myself. Ragnow is great piece at guard that could still end up at center. It’s unclear if Price would be able to play guard at as high of a level.