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Bengals News (1/30): Fighting back against hunger

The Bengals donated a large amount of cans to help curb hunger in the area.

Cleveland Browns v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Tyler Barrick /Getty Images

Super Notes: Boomer Backs Dalton
Esiason, the CBS studio analyst celebrating the 30th anniversary of leading the Bengals to the Super Bowl by showing Rams quarterback Jared Goff the chair of what he calls “the other quarterback” in Sunday’s NFL championship, thinks Cincinnati’s head coaching search bodes well for Dalton.

Campbell's Chunky and Bengals Partnership Tackles Local Hunger
Campbell’s Chunky donated 25,000 cans of soup on Tuesday, or more than 50,000 servings, to the Freestore Foodbank as the final part of the “2018 Tackle Hunger” program, a partnership between Campbell Soup Company and the Cincinnati Bengals.

A.J. Green wants to see Andrew Whitworth win a Super Bowl
We know about the player perspective thanks to A.J. Green, who owned up to the fact he will root for the Los Angeles Rams star offensive tackle:

Bengals news: A.J. Green still in a walking boot after foot surgery
Green made an appearance at a local charity event at the Freestore Foodbank this week, and was still confined to a walking boot, according to the Cincinnati Enquirer’s Fletcher Page. When asked about it, Green said that it’s a required thing for him, but he’ll be out of it in about a week.

The future Bengals coach will face the future Dolphins coach in this year’s Super Bowl
It is not unusual for an assistant coach on a Super Bowl team to arrive in town for game week with a head coaching job lined up with another franchise. It is an awkward situation necessitated by NFL rules that prevent a coach from being hired by another team until that coach’s current team has completed its season. In this Super Bowl, that awkwardness involves New England Patriots linebackers coach Brian Flores and Los Angeles Rams quarterbacks coach Zac Taylor.

Could Eagles lose quarterbacks coach Press Taylor to his brother’s future Bengals coaching staff? | Super Bowl notes
But Taylor’s move to Cincinnati is all but final, and there is speculation around the league that he could poach his brother, Press, currently the Eagles' quarterbacks coach. Zac Taylor was an offensive coordinator with the Dolphins and is expected to call plays in Cincinnati, but he could hire his brother as a de facto OC.

Random News

Power Ranking Every Player in Super Bowl LIII
New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady might just be the best player at his position in NFL history. And since he's about to play in his ninth Super Bowl, the argument could be made he's the best player at any position in the modern era.

California Cool
Trailing 13-0 early in the second quarter of the NFC Championship Game in New Orleans two Sundays ago, his team rattled by a cacophonous Superdome crowd he'd later describe as "the loudest thing I'll ever experience ... disorienting ... dizzying," 24-year-old quarterback Jared Goff finally snapped. Yet it wasn't the relentless roar of the 73,028 fans that triggered the young passer; rather, it was the well-intentioned intervention of some of the equally besieged men in his midst.

Opening Night Digest: Walking Back the 'Old Man Brady' Talk
Super Bowl Opening Night arrived in all of its goofy, sombrero-wearing, overstimulated glory Monday night, and this special edition of Digest is packed with everything you need to know (and lots of stuff you don't) to the kick off a week of detailed analysis, thoughtful insight and ear-splitting hype, including:

Roger Goodell's silence on Rams-Saints non-call is latest gaffe
ATLANTA – Roger Goodell has two constituencies: you and the one he actually serves. In the past two weeks, he has let them both down. Fans want an explanation for the officiating debacle in New Orleans. Owners deserve a league that defends its integrity. Goodell easily could have done both. Unfortunately, his approach to crisis management is to get out in front of a crisis, then let it run him over.