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Bengals assistant special teams coordinator Brayden Coombs could join Packers

The Bengals could see some of their coaching staff members poached before the new head coach arrives.

The Bengals are still in the midst of their coaching search, but now that most of the eight head coaching opening have been filled, that means those staffs will start to be filled out as well.

This could lead to some coaches currently on the Bengals’ staff to be signed on to other team’s for a promotion. One coach has already appeared to be rumored for such a promotion:

Brayden Coombs may not be a household name to Bengals fans but he has been the assistant special teams coordinator and offensive quality control coach for seven seasons, and he has been a full position coach for the Bengals for seven seasons.

At just 32 years of age, he joined the staff as a coaching intern in 2009. Prior to coming to Cincinnati, he played college ball nearby at Miami University, although he didn’t get much playing time there as a wide receiver.

Some Cincinnati fans may recognize his father’s name. Kerry Coombs, who coached for Colerain High School in Cincinnati for 24 seasons (where he also coached his son). He also spent time with the University of Cincinnati and Ohio State on the defensive side of the ball before ultimately joining the Titans as their defensive backs coach in 2018.

With the Packers just hiring Matt LaFleur, who was the Titans offensive coordinator last season, it is easy to see where the connection between the Packers and Brayden Coombs is coming from.

It shouldn’t be a shock to see several positional or assistant coaches rumored for promotions in the coming weeks, and that is just what happens at this point in the season. Teams are filling out their new staffs, and they pick from all over the league. Coombs is obviously well respected and has an NFL pedigree to his name as well.

You could try and read the tea leaves a little and assume if Coombs is ultimately poached from Cincinnati’s staff that it doesn’t look good for the Bengals current special teams coordinator Darrin Simmons’ chances at becoming the head coach. You’d have to imagine that his first choice for his replacement would be his assistant for the past seven seasons. It could just end up being an unfortunate consequence of the Bengals thorough search, though.

Either way, Coombs deserves the best wishes from fans no matter where his future takes him.