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Twitter reactions to Bengals vs. Steelers

No one held back their feelings about this team after falling to 0-4.

Cincinnati Bengals v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images

I’m sorry to everyone who stuck with the game from beginning to end. We all know the Bengals higher ups won’t apologize for cutting corners in an attempt to build a product they imagine as passable. Yet, it always ends up short of what it is imagined to be.

It is hard to blame guys like head coach Zac Taylor or even quarterback Andy Dalton. These guys are trying to play a game of poker and are playing with a deck of cards stacked with losing hands while their opponents have nothing but winning hands.

It is hard to be positive when your favorite team falls to 0-4 facing a hated rival on Monday Night Football, and it is even worse when your team isn’t even watchable. As you can imagine most of this week’s reactions aren’t on the positive side, but misery can bring out some of the best comedy in people, so lets roll with that. We can all try to mask the pain by laughing at just how bad the Bengals were,

The worst of the worst

The Bengals were bad. There is no way around that. Here are some of the reactions directly following the game to help put this loss in perspective.

The good stuff

These are the reactions from halftime/early in the third when it became overwhelmingly apparent that the Bengals were done. This is probably where most people checked out of the game as well, so technically these are the reactions that most people saw.

Safe to say this sums up the entire fan base’s feelings