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Bengals fans voicing their frustration with painfully-low attendance

Bengals fans are not showing up, but can you really expect them to?

NFL: SEP 15 49ers at Bengals Photo by Ian Johnson/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Cincinnati Bengals fanbase has not been supporting the team through their first two home games. Can you blame them though?

While the franchise does still bring in over 48,000, they currently rank last in the league in home attendance, only beating out the Los Angeles Chargers, who weren’t factored in given that they play in a limited-seating soccer stadium until the opening of SoFi Stadium.

The next few stats may even be more concerning or saddening. The Bengals play in Paul Brown Stadium. PBS holds just over 65,000. Well, the Bengals ability to fill those seats is painfully embarrassing.

Throughout the first two games, both of which have been relatively nice weather and one of which was the season’s home opener, the team has fill under 80% of those 65,000-plus seats. They’re the only fanbase under 84%.

They fill 73.8% of the seats.

There aren’t words for how this franchise has distanced itself from the diehard fans that once packed the stadium.

Repairing the relationship starts with putting a winning product on the field. The Bengals are just one of four teams still without a win, although three of the games have been decided by under four points.

Following a 24-point blowout loss to Pittsburgh on Monday Night Football, the Bengals posted 46,012 in attendance against the Cardinals. With around 50,000 at the home opener, it’d be shocking to see the team put up even 46,000 their last six home games, multiple of which are in December.

This team isn’t winning, and while they aren’t making excuses for their play, it’s certainly not sitting well with their fanbase.

That said, expect these numbers to continue, but as we’ve seen in the past, the Bengals likely won’t put more money into the personnel as long as the franchise is profitable. Even if they do, they must do so wisely which may be an incapable request for the Bengals.

The Bengals have been dead-last in attendance (not counting LA) since the 2016 season.