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Mike Brown shows what Bengals fans feel like

And the CBS cameras had a terrible gaffe when trying to identify Mike Brown.

Cincinnati Bengals Minicamp Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Today was another rough outing for the Bengals.

While the final score may have read 23-17, the game never really felt that close, as the Ravens were having their way all game long and could have easily won by a bigger margin. The Bengals are now 0-6, and even owner Mike Brown is showing visible disgust with what his team has become.

During the broadcast today, the CBS cameras panned to Brown sitting in the owners box, and his reaction perfectly summed up how Bengals fans feel.

At least we can comfortably know that Brown is unhappy with the mess he’s helped create. While the fans don’t deserve this mess, Brown deserves every bit of it.

As a side not, the CBS cameras mistakenly identified Brown earlier in the game, and it was a comically bad mistake:

I don’t know who that is, but he looks more like Marty Brennaman than Mike Brown.