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Jaguars open as favorites over Bengals

The Bengals are home dogs vs. Minshew Mania.

Cincinnati Bengals vs Jacksonville Jaguars - October 9, 2005 Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

The Bengals are 0-6, and they’re going to be underdogs in most of their remaining games.

That includes their Week 7 home game vs. the 2-4 Jaguars. While they may not have a lot of wins, they’ve been far more competitive in their losses than Cincinnati has to go with wins over the Titans and Broncos.

That’s why oddsmakers are favoring the road team this week, as BetOnline has tabbed the Jaguars as a 3.5-point favorite. Even though Jacksonville has clearly been a better team, I am a little surprised the line is bigger than a field goal.

After all, the Bengals have four one-score losses, so it’s not like they’re getting blown out every week.

Another takeaway from this is the oddsmakers must not think A.J. Green will play. He’d be a major boost in the Bengals’ lineup, enough to keep the spread from being more than a field goal in my option.

Of course, they may think Green could be play but not be effective after such a long layoff. And with the potential of Jalen Ramsey returning from his back injury, that could offset the return of Green anyhow.

Oddsmakers also expect a low-scoring game with an over/under of 45.5. Seeing how these two offenses have performed this season, that may be generous.

NFL Week 7 Odds

· Kansas City Chiefs (-3½) @ Denver Broncos

Over/Under 46½

· Arizona Cardinals @ New York Giants (-3)

Over/Under 49½

· Houston Texans @ Indianapolis Colts (-1)

Over/Under 47½

· Miami Dolphins @ Buffalo Bills (-16½)

Over/Under 40

· Minnesota Vikings (-1) @ Detroit Lions

Over/Under 44

· Oakland Raiders @ Green Bay Packers (-6½)

Over/Under 46½

· Jacksonville Jaguars (-3½) @ Cincinnati Bengals

Over/Under 45½

· Los Angeles Rams (-3½) @ Atlanta Falcons

Over/Under 53

· San Francisco 49ers (-10) @ Washington Redskins

Over/Under 42½

· Los Angeles Chargers (pk) @ Tennessee Titans (pk)

Over/Under 40

· Baltimore Ravens @ Seattle Seahawks (-3½)

Over/Under 50½

· New Orleans Saints @ Chicago Bears (-3½)

Over/Under 39

· Philadelphia Eagles @ Dallas Cowboys (-2½)

Over/Under 48

· New England (-10) @ New York Jets

Over/Under 43