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Bengals vs. Jaguars: Madden predicts a clutch game for Andy Dalton

We simulated Bengals vs Jaguars in Madden to try and predict the outcome of Sunday’s game.

Madden highlights

Hello everyone, after a one week hiatus we are back to Madden simulations with the Bengals vs the Jaguars.

The Bengals are still winless going into their matchup with the Jaguars, who have looked much better than expected with Gardner Minshew II at quarterback. However, he is still a young player and the Bengals may be able to take advantage of that and try to slow down their passing attack. Did we mention that they just traded their best player before this game? The Bengals have a chance to secure their first win of the season.

Let’s take a look at the simulation to see if they will do just that.

The Jaguars start with the ball and after a long first drive the Bengals are able to get the stop. The Jaguars punt and pin the Bengals inside the five. The Bengals are able to get out of their own end zone and drive all the way down the field. When they get to within the ten-yard line though the Bengals drive stalls out and they are forced to take a field goal.

Madden first field goal

Bengals: 3-0

The Jaguars get the ball back and try to drive down the field, however the Bengals defense is once again able to lock down around the forty yard line and the Bengals receive the punt once again inside the five. Then it’s even more deja vu as the Bengals are able to drive down the field all the way until they get the end zone. The drive stalls once again and they make another field goal.

Bengals Second field goal

Bengals 6-0

The Jaguars are not able to score before time runs out and they have to kickoff to the Bengals after half time. The Bengals don’t do much though and have to punt to the Jaguars. Now it is the Jaguars time to drive down the field, but the Bengals cannot stop them this time and the Jaguars score.

Jaguars first touchdown

Jaguars: 7-6

The Bengals receive the kickoff, but they are not able to get a drive going and have to punt trusting their defense to get a stop. The Jaguars get a first down, but after that the Bengals defense locks up and forces the punt, leaving Andy Dalton plenty of time to make the drive for a touchdown. Dalton drives down the field and on first-and-goal he sees a lane and runs it in for a touchdown. He goes for two and is able to get it, the Bengals have a touchdown lead. However, he left a minute on the clock, is that too much time?

Andy Dalton touchdown run

Bengals: 14-7

The short answer is no! The long answer is that Minshew is sacked twice by the Bengals and on fourth-and-24 the Bengals are able to break up the pass and then kneel out the rest of the clock. The Bengals take home their first Madden (and maybe real) win of the season with a 14-7 win over the Jags. With Madden’s undefeated streak or the Bengals winless streak coming to an end it feels like an era.

Final Score

2019 Madden Prediction Record: 5-0

Final Score and Stats