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Confidence in the Bengals continues to reach gut-wrenching lows

The Bengals are playing Limbo with fans’ confidence.

Arizona Cardinals v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

It’s starting to feel like the 90s for Bengals fans, as the team is 0-6 and has had very little to be optimistic about this season.

Fan confidence is now the lowest it's been since we started collecting FanPulse data, which has only been two years now. But as bad as last year was as the Bengals floundered to a 6-10 record after starting 4-1, it’s saying something that fan confidence is lower than it was at any point last year.

It’s becoming a season-long game of Limbo with fans’ confidence, as the team continues to find new and intuitive way to make it go lower than the previous week.

Hopefully, the game mercifully ends Sunday with a win over the Jaguars. This fanbase desperately needs something to feel good about, especially since it’s hard to see the Bengals beating the Rams in London the following week before the bye. A loss Sunday means the Bengals would likely be 0-8 going into the bye week.