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NFL Week 5 Power Ranking Roundup

The Bengals are trying to find out if there is anything below the basement of the NFL.

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Cincinnati Bengals v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images

I’ll give you the good news up front since we could all use some.

The Bengals didn’t fall that much in the power rankings this week after an all-around bad loss to a divisional rival. Okay, the bad news is they were already ranked as one of the worst teams in the NFL, so it was hard for them to fall much lower.

NFL Power Rankings Week 5 27 (last week 27)

Maybe Marvin Lewis wasn’t the problem after all. The Bengals were spanked by the previously winless Steelers on Monday night, falling to 0-4 in the process. It’s one thing to get lit up by a future Hall of Famer in Ben Roethlisberger, but soul-searching is in order for Cincinnati after the Bengals’ defense allowed Mason Rudolph to complete 24 of 28 passes with two touchdowns in an easy win. Angry Bengals fans will find an easy scapegoat in Andy Dalton, but this team has issues that go far beyond the quarterback. The NFL’s Glowing Ginger Man can still light up the NFL, but he can’t do it alone.

ESPN: 29 (last week 30)

How to increase their playoff chances: The Bengals need to start putting together wins -- quickly -- to even be in the playoff discussion. Cincinnati must find a balance between the air and ground attacks and be consistent for an entire game. The team has played well in spurts but has lacked quality over 60 minutes. Coming into Monday night’s game against Pittsburgh, the Bengals were giving up an average of 6.42 yards per play, which ranks near the bottom of the NFL. -- Ben Baby

CBS Sports: 27 (last week 26)

At 0-4, they are a bad football team right now. Zac Taylor is having a rough start to his coaching career.

Washington Post: 30 (last week 30)

This is looking hopeless, at least in the short term. QB Andy Dalton has no chance playing behind this depleted offensive line and without his top receiver, A.J. Green.

Yahoo Sports: 29 (last week 29)

That was a disheartening loss on Monday night to the Steelers. The Bengals have been competitive twice and got absolutely blown out twice. Zac Taylor is going to have to show some progress over the last 12 games. He needs that for players to buy into his system, at least. And if you’re getting really pessimistic, he needs to show improvement to avoid being one-and-done. If most of the rest of the season looks like Monday night, it probably isn’t out of the question that the Bengals would move on fast.

USA Today: 30 (last week 30)

Haven’t won and haven’t looked competitive in two of past three outings. Host Arizona in Week 5, so somebody’s winning. Right?

What is there to say after getting your pants pulled down by your rivals (who are also very bad) on Monday Night Football to fall to 0-4. The only thing I’d say is maybe they aren’t ranked low enough.

This week, they get to face the Cardinals, who are also near the bottom, and in some cases, lower than the Bengals. If Cincinnati loses this week they are probably competing with Miami and Washington for the bottom spot.