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Twitter reactions to Bengals vs. Jaguars

This is fine.

Jacksonville Jaguars v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Another rough week for Bengals fans. There were a few bright spots that we will look at first, but the overwhelming tone was frustration. At this point at 0-7 we are keeping the edge on Miami who is the only other winless team at 0-6.

Alex Erickson’s big day

Last week it was puzzling why Erickson was on the field so much, but it is safe to say he answered those questions today. He was responsible for over 90 percent of the Bengals’ offensive yards in the first half. It is scary to think just how bad Cincinnati could’ve been without Erickson’s big game.

The touchdown (the only touchdown)

Erickson’s heroics setup the Bengals with the ball at the one-yard line. Dalton and Mixon were able to connect for the team’s first offensive touchdown in the first half after an embarrassing amount of time. It also somehow gave Cincinnati the lead.

Geno Atkins reintroduced himself

There was some talk during the week of Atkins play declining, and he wanted to just share a fews words with everyone in the form of destroying Gardner Minshew II.

The overwhelmingly bad bad start and ending

As is tradition, we save the bad for last. There was plenty of it as the Bengals offense struggled for most of the game, and Andy Dalton’s collapse in the fourth quarter didn’t help. Here are some of the best reactions to the worst of the Bengals’ Sunday.

GIFs of the game

Here are the best GIFs that I could find from Sunday. Lets all get through this trainwreck with some laughter.