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Bengals trade deadline primer 2019

The trade deadline approaches! Here’s what you need to know.

Cleveland Browns v Cincinnati Bengals

The NFL trade deadline will be less than two days away when the Bengals get off the plane from London on Monday morning.

Set for 4pm EST on Tuesday, October 29th, the impending deadline has spurred action across the league. Some franchises have already made season-altering moves to set them up for future and/or immediate success.

The Bengals have, well, sat on their hands like they usually do. But with Jalen Ramsey off of the market, they now hold the league’s most coveted plausible trade asset. Before we go over what the Bengals have to offer as sellers, let’s look at the notable trades that have already went down in the last couple of weeks.

NFL Trade Tracker

  • Cowboys acquire DL Michael Bennett from Patriots for their 2021 seventh-round pick (pick can turn into a sixth-rounder)
  • Seahawks acquire SAF Quandre Diggs and 2021 seventh-round pick for from Lions their 2020 fifth-round pick (link)
  • 49ers acquire WR Emmanuel Sanders and 2020 fifth-round pick from Broncos for their 2020 third and fourth-round picks (link)
  • Patriots acquire WR Mohamed Sanu from Falcons for their 2020 second-round pick (link)
  • Texans acquire CB Gareon Conley from Raiders for their 2020 third-round pick (link)
  • Rams acquire CB Jalen Ramsey from Jaguars for their 2020 and 2021 first-round picks and their 2021 fourth-round pick (link)
  • Ravens acquire CB Marcus Peters from Rams for LB Kenny Young and their 2020 fifth-round pick (link)
  • Rams acquire OL Austin Corbett from Browns for their 2021 fifth-round pick (link)
  • Raiders acquire WR Zay Jones from Bills for their 2021 fifth-round pick (link)

Bengals players with trade value

WR A.J. Green - Yes, head coach Zac Taylor has essentially doubled down on the Bengals not trading Green, but he’s their most moveable asset with meaningful value. They will surely be listening to any offers for Green that come their way, it’s up to them to determine if the return is worth parting ways with the seven-time Pro Bowl receiver, who’s in the last year of his contract.

TE Tyler Eifert - Green isn’t the only pass-catcher for the Bengals receiving outside interest. Eifert has been nearly non-existent in Taylor’s offense this year and has just one year remaining on his contract. A mid-round pick could be received for dealing away the seventh-year tight end.

OL Cordy Glenn - If the situation with Glenn is too damaged to be repaired, it’d be best to trade him instead of just cutting him. The Bengals gave up nine spots in the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft to get Glenn, but they’d be grateful for a Day 3 pick if they want to trade Glenn now.

DL Geno Atkins - His contract may make him slightly more difficult to trade compared to Green, but Atkins is the best player on the Bengals’ roster. Being 31 years old, he’s realistically nearing the tail end of his prime and his value will never be higher than it is right now. The offer may vary depending on the caliber of team that calls for Atkins, but the Bengals should still entertain the idea.

CB William Jackson III - Now we get to a rookie contract. Jackson’s current injury may decrease his value (like Green and Glenn’s injuries might for them as well) but he remains a solid starting cornerback at 26 years of age. If no one is (theoretically) off the table, Jackson is an attractive trade piece.

RB Joe Mixon - The Bengals’ source of energy has been drained seven weeks into the season. The running game is going nowhere even with a talented back like Mixon, so it wouldn’t hurt to hear what other teams would give for one-and-a-half years of Mixon on a rookie contract.