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Twitter reactions to the Bengals benching Andy Dalton

A day few of us saw coming has brought out some complicated feelings in fans.

Cincinnati Bengals v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images

The Bengals have benched Andy Dalton in favor of rookie quarterback Ryan Finley.

That is a pretty shocking phrase for most Bengals fans to hear. And as you can imagine, this created a pretty wide variety of responses on twitter.

Here are some of the reactions to Dalton being benched:

The timing could have been better

The first thing that most fans encountered was the information that this move was made on their quarterback’s birthday. Obviously, the team probably did this more because they were entering their bye week, but it still adds an entire new level of sting to the move.

From bench to plane?

Many fans’ reaction to the news was also to get something for Dalton while they can. The trade deadline is the same day as the move is being made, so it makes sense that it would be on peoples’ minds. Time will tell if Dalton could be packaged for a move.

The end of a storied Cincinnati connection

Regardless how you feel about Dalton, there is no denying that he and A.J. Green combined to be one of the most potent duos the Bengals have ever had. This is probably the end of that connection being on display.

Evaluation on a sinking ship

This move is as much about finding out what this team has inFinley as much as it is about securing that high pick. There is little to no chance that a rookie quarterback can cure the deep issues that this team has had this season, but at least it will keep them from possibly ruling out drafting a quarterback early because they don’t know what Finley can be.

The end we never saw coming

This has been complicated for plenty of fans to process. In one hand there were plenty of people waiting for this day, but now that it is here it is weird. Dalton spent his whole career here doing nothing but trying to take this team to the next level. He has also spent the past three and a half seasons burdening the blame for a team that may not have been as serious as putting a contender on the field as he was with delivering one.