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Andy Dalton feels Bengals have the personnel to succeed

You have to back your guys, right?

Cincinnati Bengals v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images

The Cincinnati Bengals dropped their ninth straight game to the Pittsburgh Steelers. It wasn’t that this team lost. It wasn’t even that they dropped to 0-4 with the loss. It’s how they lost.

The Bengals, in their only primetime game of the year, were embarrassed.

Two 0-3 teams came in, and one made the other look like a Super Bowl contender. Pittsburgh obliterated Cincinnati, winning 27-3 and scoring 27 unanswered including 24 in the second and third quarters alone.

After the game, Zac Taylor put the blame on himself. When Andy Dalton came to the stand, he told the media that it isn’t the personnel on the team hindering the success. Here’s exactly what the Red Rifle told reporters.

“It’s definitely been tough, but where we’re at right now, we have to understand that every game is important at this point, and for us, we’ve got to figure out who we are. We’ve got the guys here. We’ve got the guys on this team, and we just have to go out and get our minds right and have all the attention to detail. All the stuff that you have to have to be successful.”

It’s interesting that he phrased it this way. Dalton clearly looked upset after being sacked eight times. Let’s not mention how what should be a formidable defensive front for Cincinnati failed to even get Mason Rudolph down once.

“We had a chance,” Dalton also said following the game. He’s right. The team has a chance. They had multiple chances yet still couldn’t find their way into the end zone even when gifted the ball in the red zone.

This was a discouraging loss after many had aspirations of at least a .500 season this year with a renewed energy under Taylor. We’re almost at the point of already considering shutting Green down for the season.

Why bring him back when the team’s 0-6? This is the reality for Cincinnati.

As for Dalton, you have to back your guys. Right?

Even if he believes he needs better protection, what’s his play? Should he just rip the offensive line right there? Dalton, whether he believes it or not, said they have the personnel to do better, to be better.

Let’s hopefully see it in Week 5 against a struggling Arizona Cardinals captained by a rookie quarterback in Kyler Murray.