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Bengals DB Shawn Williams suffers thigh injury

The Bengals can’t afford to lose the guy who is making most of the tackles.

Cincinnati Bengals v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Lindsey Wasson/Getty Images

Shawn Williams has looked shaky for a good portion of the first half, and he made his way off the field with an injury right before halftime.

Williams had missed at least a few snaps earlier in the game before returning, and he has gone through this in quite a few games. He usually makes his way back onto the field though.

Since the second half has started, the Bengals have announced it’s a thigh injury and Williams’ return was questionable. He went down after forcing Kyler Murray to slide down inside the five yard line. He was slow to get up after the play, and it may have been the cause for the Cincinnati’s 12-men on the field penalty. Following that call he was helped off the field.

Williams has nine tackles on the day (eight solo tackles). He has been responsible for cleaning up most of the plays where the front seven is unable to contain plays from breaking outside.

Whether Williams will miss time will remain to be seen. The Bengals would likely fill his spot with either Clayton Fejedelem or Brandon Wilson.