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Twitter and GIF reactions to Bengals getting demolished by Ravens

The best reactions from the fans and media to the Bengals getting embarrassed at home, because the best laughter helps heal emotional wounds... Right?

Baltimore Ravens v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Silas Walker/Getty Images

The Bengals lost 49-13 to the Ravens. There is really no sugarcoating how bad the game was. Cincinnati came out looking like a winless team, and Baltimore looked like one of the hottest teams in the NFL.

Here are some of the best reactions from the Bengals’ loss, and make sure to stick around to the end to the best memes and GIF reactions as well.

The bad of Ryan Finley’s first start

Ryan Finley got his first start in place of Andy Dalton this week. He had some good plays, but ultimately he looked like a rookie starting for a bad offense.

The Good from Finley’s start

That isn’t to say Finley was all bad. He had some rookie hiccups sure, but overall he did some good things e haven’t seen from the quarterback position in awhile. This was probably one of the rookies’ toughest tests for the rest of the season. Hopefully he can grow from his premiere.

The Ravens pants the Bengals defense

It wasn’t a good day to be a Cincinnati fan. Baltimore knew they were the better team, and they let the entire NFL know these two teams weren’t close to the same level. The Ravens had several plays on the day that really highlighted how low the Bengals have gotten.

Fans around the league reacting to the Bengals beating

Fans made plenty of jokes at Cincinnati’s expense. They couldn’t help but tell it like it is, and how can w argue when the Bengals put on another stinker at home following a bye week.

GIFs and Memes from the Bengals getting slaughtered by the Ravens

Misery loves company. We still have seven weeks to get through this season, and if laughing through the pain is your thing, then take in this section. Indulge in the hilarity of our situation and the joke that is Cincinnati.