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Zac Taylor gives injury updates for A.J. Green and Drew Sample

After getting burned last week, Taylor doesn’t want to say anything definitive.

Baltimore Ravens v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Bryan Woolston/Getty Images

If you watched the game against the Ravens on Sunday, you might have noticed that A.J. Green didn’t suit up, despite Zac Taylor announcing that game as Green’s debut.

For this reason, Taylor reverted to his “day-to-day” tag that he has pretty much been using all season.

While some speculated that Green’s insistence on staying out was due to contract disputes, it seems like Green really did suffer a set back. He had a rehab workout on Sunday before the game, and looked like he was going to reassess after the game.

Taylor doesn’t want to say anything definitive, so he just said Green was “day-to-day.”

Taylor also commented on Drew Sample, who suffered an injury on Sunday. Sample was seen in a boot on Monday, and it’s unclear at this point when he will be back.

Obviously, Green’s absence has been felt all season long, but Sample looks like he was getting a bigger role in the offense. Losing the second-rounder could present a big blow to the Bengals’ plans, especially those that revolve around Ryan Finley.