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Bengals at Raiders Madden Simulation: Last minute heroics keep Cincinnati winless

Our latest simulation features the Bengals and Raiders putting up a combined 21 fourth quarter points.

Oakland Raiders v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by John Grieshop/Getty Images

It was clear when Ryan Finley was named the starting quarterback that the Bengals were officially in evaluation mode. They are evaluating the players they have to see what they have at each position and what positions they need to address in the offseason.

With the Bengals cutting Preston Brown it shows a positive side that the Bengals are open to admitting when they made a mistake. Hopefully, the Bengals will also be open to replacing the right tackle and left guard spot as aggressive moves there could really cause a big improvement to the OL by 2020.

With that in mind, let’s take a look to how they perform against the Raiders.

The Raiders start with the ball, but neither team is able to get much going with the ball for their first couple of drives quickly having to punt. On their third drive the Raiders are finally able to start moving the ball although the Bengals defense eventually locks down and the Raiders are forced to punt.

Raiders field goal

Raiders: 3-0

The Bengals get the ball after the field goal, but both teams struggle to do anything and no one else scores before half. The Bengals receive the ball at half and finally start driving down the field. On third down, Ryan Finley manages to hit Tyler Boyd for the touchdown to take the lead.

Tyler Boyd touchdown

Bengals: 7-3

After this the Raiders receive the ball and drive down the field. The Bengals defense folded as the Raiders drive down the field. In the red zone the Bengals hold them to third down, but Derek Carr is able to hit tight end Darren Waller for the touchdown.

Darren Waller touchdown

Raiders: 10-7

The Bengals receive the ball and drive down the field taking up most of the time. They get inside the five, but on second down Ryan Finley is sacked putting the Bengals at the eleven and needing a touchdown to take the lead. Ryan Finley with all day in the pocket is able to hit Alex Erickson for the touchdown and the Bengals take the lead.

Alex Erickson touchdown

Bengals: 14-10

The Raiders receive the ball with under two minutes left and three timeouts. They drive down the field and after getting inside the five yard line call a timeout with eight seconds left. After the timeout Derek Carr is able to hit Hunter Renfrow for the Raiders touchdown to take the lead. The Raiders squib kick the kickoff and time runs out. Raiders win.

Raiders: 17-14

Final Score

2019 Madden Prediction Record: 6-2

Final Score and Stats