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Twitter reactions to Bengals falling to Raiders

0-10 and officially eliminated from the playoffs, but at least the Bengals gave us something close to watchable football.

Cincinnati Bengals v Oakland Raiders Photo by Jason O. Watson/Getty Images

The Bengals gave us some football that was actually watchable. It still ended in a loss, but at least it wasn’t as embarrassing as it has been this season.

There were still plenty of fan reactions to the game for us to get through this week.

Starting with the good

There wasn’t a whole lot of good from this game despite it being close. Cincinnati had their highlight of the season with Joe Mixon reversing field for his first rushing touchdown of the season in front of his family in friends he brought to the game. Not to mention he showed what is most important as part of his celebration.

Bengals had Raiders’ fans sweating after one quarter

Cincinnati took a lead into the second quarter against a team competing for a playoff spot. It has been that kind of season where that is a notable morale victory for the Bengals. The Raiders fans weren’t happy with this at all, and they were apparently quick to let their team know it.

Defensive line holding their own

The defense did end up holding their own relatively well in this game. They gave up some pretty big plays, but they held Oakland to 17 points, which should be seen as a win for the defense in today’s NFL where offense rules. One of the biggest reasons for that was the defensive line having themselves an afternoon.

Raiders bust down the gates

Oakland had a stretch where they just had Cincinnati’s defense on skates. They scored several easy looking touchdowns and took the lead.

Interceptions to keep the tank alive

Ryan Finley was handed the keys to a two-minute drive to try and at least tie the game with the Bengals only down by seven. It didn’t take long for those hopes to be dashed, and it really gave this fan base a pretty clear answer as to whether this team has to draft a quarterback as soon as possible in the next draft.

Some fans were bummed by the interception and others celebrated as the pick keeps them ahead of Washington who is the only team with just a single win in the NFL.