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Bengals fans gain some confidence following close road loss

It’s something.

Cincinnati Bengals v Oakland Raiders Photo by Robert Reiners/Getty Images

Bengals fans are finally starting to gain confidence again!

While it may be minimal, any raise in confidence this season has typically come after a promising performance. That was the case in Oakland, as the Bengals gave the Raiders everything they could handle thanks to a big game from Joe Mixon, but it ultimately wasn’t enough in a 17-10 defeat.

Still, pushing a playoff team in their own building is a major step up from what the Bengals have been most of this season: A bad team that can get manhandled by anybody. So, fans have had a little more to be positive about this week:

But confidence can only rise so much in defeat. For Bengals fans to really start believing in the franchise again, a win Sunday vs. the Steelers could go a long way. Even in a down year for the Steelers, beating them always feels special for Bengals fans.

Will they make it happen Sunday?