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Twitter reactions to Bengals losing to Steelers

The Bengals really did everything they could to throw this game away, but how did fans react?

Cincinnati Bengals v Oakland Raiders Photo by Jason O. Watson/Getty Images

The Bengals found a way to lose against the Steelers this week. They were in great position several times to get head coach Zac Taylor his first win, but they kept finding ways to lose. Here are the reactions from twitter throughout the game.

Starting with the bad

The 2019 Bengals have secured the worst start in franchise history. When you consider Cincinnati’s history, that is quite the accomplishment. We’ll let the reactions speak for themselves in this section

Tyler Boyd says “I told you so”

Last week Boyd was vocal about not getting enough targets against the Raiders. He felt that he should be the go to guy without Green, and he showed his case when he gave the Bengals a lead before halftime.

Boyd picks a bad time to get loose with the football

The Bengals were headed into the red zone down by only a field goal when they hit Boyd for a huge gain, but the defender he beat caught up and knocked the ball loose. The return set up Pittsburgh with the ball right around the midfield. Also is it a bad time to mention that Boyd hit 100 yards receiving on the day or?

Someone forgot to tell these offenses when the game started

Both the Steelers and Bengals offenses were particularly bad to start the game. Some may credit the defenses, but we just saw some really unwatchable football. Quarterbacks looked inaccurate and offensive lines rarely created space for the running backs. It had many questioning if either team would ever score.