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Bengals vs. Ravens Madden Simulation: Finley has strong debut for Bengals

We simulate the Bengals vs Ravens in Madden to try and predict the winner of the Week 10 game.

Cincinnati Bengals v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images

For the first time in a very long time the Bengals will be starting another QB over a healthy Andy Dalton. It is not a guarantee yet, but this seems to signal the end of an era for the Bengals and where they go from here is still to be seen.

For now, they still have eight games left and at least for now have decided to turn to fourth-round pick QB Ryan Finley for those games. Obviously if Finley plays well enough that would not only dissuade the Bengals from taking a QB it would also knock them out of the range for a top one as well. Finley is fighting an uphill battle though, especially starting with a tough matchup against a very good Ravens team.

How does he do? Let’s take a look at the Madden simulation to find out.

The Ravens start off with the ball and they are not able to get much going on offense which begins a trend for the entire first half as neither team is able to make much progress down the field. It isn’t until the Bengals receive the ball around the two minute warning that they are able to get much going sparked by a good return by Brandon Wilson. After the return, Ryan Finley is able to drive down the field and hit Tyler Boyd for the touchdown on third-and-goal, keeping the Bengals form having to take the field goal.

Tyler Boyd touchdown

Bengals: 7-0

After this, the Ravens receive a kickoff, but aren’t able to do anything before halftime. The Bengals receive the halftime kickoff and get a solid drive going stringing together first downs. On first down near midfield, Giovani Bernard receives the hand-off and is able to break off a big run into the open field racing his way into the end zone for the touchdown.

Gio Bernard touchdown

Bengals: 14-0

The Ravens receive the ball and begin to drive down the field. They are finally able to string together some positive plays, however the Bengals lock that down as the Ravens cross midfield. Justin Tucker is able to nail the fifty yard field goal though.

Ravens Field Goal

Bengals: 14-3

After the Ravens field goal the Bengals receive the ball and drive down the field. To really ice the game a touchdown would be great on this drive. They drive all the way down the field and on first and ten from the red zone Finley is able to find C.J. Uzomah in the back of the end zone for the touchdown.

C.J. Uzomah touchdown

Bengals 21-3

The Ravens receive the ball and begin to drive down the field, but they take too long eating up most of the remaining time in the fourth quarter. With a minute and a half remaining in the fourth quarter on third down Lamar Jackson is able to hit Mark Andrews for the touchdown.

Mark Andrews touchdown

Bengals: 21-10

The Ravens try for an onside kick, but the Bengals recover it and after running for a first down simply kneel out the clock to take home the win 21-10.

Final Score

2019 Madden Prediction Record: 6-1

Final Score and Stats