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Twitter reactions to Bengals earning their first win of 2019

Their were some downs early, but we saw the best game the 2019 Bengals have had all season.

New York Jets v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Bryan Woolston/Getty Images


The Bengals are no longer winless! Fans don’t have to worry about enduring an 0-16 season, and we finally got to watch a competent football game for the first time in a very long time.

Andy Dalton’s return starts off on the wrong foot

Dalton’s first drive drew some pretty harsh criticism. The veteran had a pretty bad over throw, and looked a lot like the guy who led this team to an 0-8 record.

Dalton and the offense fly past the Jets

As bad as the first drive was, the Bengals offense really caught on fire for the rest of the first half. They still had a few follies here and there, but we really saw an offense execute in a way we haven’t seen most of this season. You could really see the excitement spread throughout the team and the stands.

The drop and conservative play from a winless team

Outside of the Bengals’ first drive, there was really only one instance of looking like that winless team we’ve watched all season. Tight end C.J. Uzomah dropped a wide open touchdown. The pass was a little out of reach as well, but it left the Bengals with a fourth-and-2 in the red zone. They ended up kicking the field goal, which gave the team a seven-point lead at the time. It still left plenty of fans with ruffled feathers.

The punt and safety that sealed the win

The Bengals were nursing a 17-6 lead when punter Kevin Huber dropped a beautiful punt that was downed at the one-yard line. New York was then called for holding in the end zone, which results in a safety. That sequence of events was just something Bengals fans were use to happening the other way around, and it felt like the nail in the coffin for the Jets’ chances of winning.

A nod to the defense

The main reason Cincinnati made the change to start Dalton at quarterback again was to try and win games. The defense made it abundantly clear that Ryan Finley wasn’t going to be winning any games even with them shutting down opposing teams. They carried that same play into today’s game.


The Bengals are winless no more. Zac Taylor finally gets his first win as a head coach for the Bengals, and Cincinnati is still in line to hold the first overall pick. It was finally a good week. Here are the best reactions to the relief of this win.