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Bengals vs. Patriots Madden Simulation: Cincinnati attempts the improbable upset

Madden has been pretty accurate when predicting Bengals games this year. Does our latest simulation foresee an upset in Cincinnati this week?

Bengals vs Patriots Madden highlights

The Bengals started the 2014 season as good as they could’ve. With a 3-0 start under their belt, their time to prove themselves legit came quickly with a Week 5 matchup against the Patriots, who had just suffered a rough loss against the Chiefs. Leading up to the game, Patriots head coach Bill Belichick muttered the words “On to Cincinnati” and, well, the rest was history.

Now, off the back of another embarrassing loss to the Chiefs, the Patriots are, once again, on to Cincinnati. If the Bengals can continue the trend of shutting down this less than stellar Patriots offense, then they might be able to get the major surprise win. Otherwise, they will be one game closer to their new quarterback.

Now let’s take a look at the simulation to see what it predicted.

The Bengals start with the ball and begin to drive down the field, but their offense locks up and they have to punt to the Patriots. The Patriots receive the punt and drive down the field easily moving the ball. They are nearing the red zone when Tom Brady makes a fatal error on first down by throwing into double coverage where, William Jackson III gets the interception.

William Jackson INT

After the turnover, the Bengals still aren’t able to capitalize and really nothing substantial happens again until about three minutes left in the first half when the Bengals receive the ball again. They are driving down the field and are finally able to sustain a drive. When they get inside the red zone, the offense temporarily stalls out before a John Ross touchdown on third down becomes the game’s first score.

John Ross touchdown

Bengals: 7-0

The half quickly ends and the Patriots receive the ball to begin the third quarter. Still equipped with an inept offense, they’re forced to punt. The Bengals receive the ball and, continuing their momentum from the first half, begin driving down the field. No issues arise once they get inside the 10-yard line this time and Andy Dalton hits Ross again for his second touchdown.

Ross touchdown 2

Bengals 14-0

The Patriots get the ball and march down the field; trying to make it a one-score game. However, after they get inside the red zone, they are pushed back by sacks on first and third down to the 20-yard line. With barely over two minutes left, they go for it on fourth down and fail to convert. The Bengals then run out the rest of the clock for the win.

Final Score

2019 Madden Prediction Record: 9-1

Final Score and Stats