We Have Options

New coaches, new schemes. Its a whole new ball game for the Cincinnati Bengals.

We are not in the Marvin Lewis Era anymore. And as much as it feels like we still are, were not. Many things have already changed and continue turning in a new direction.

Most fans are pissed off, lost or just simply disgusted. Some are giving up, some are optimistic knowing that a New Dey has only just begun. The pain of losing all the games besides 1 so far is nothing compared to past heart breaks. I think if you made it through the emotional ride of the infamous 2015 playoff game, (and survived) you will be OK as we push through this lesson learning, all new, different year of experience.

Many blame ZT and many more blame MB. Others blame AD and few blame themselves lol. I personally take it all in stride and realize that these new coaches are learning and they need time for their own style to develop AND to bring in "their players". Things happen for a reason (I believe) and between losing games, learning how to coach and getting a very high draft pick to be a building block for your legacy, I'd say things will fall into place. If all fails we obviously have to start from scratch. To me its hard to point fingers because that finger just keeps cranking towards the next guy who was in the wrong or injured or just sucked at their job!

We are moving forward my fellow fans. We can do a lot and make some real changes. We have options, let's let it unfold and support our "in house" non cheaters. Zacs O will be tweaked and Lous D will be unique. Let's pull this thing together and be different, unpredictable and undeniably tough. Its time to let go of our let downs but Dammit we Love this team and we know we're due for some Glory and Honor!

I'm sick of being depressed. It's gonna be alright ya'll!

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