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Bengals vs. Dolphins Madden Simulation: Cincinnati’s defense shines again

We simulated the Bengals vs Dolphins in Madden to try and predict the outcome of the week 16 game

Bengals vs Dolphins highlights

The Bengals lost handily to the Patriots and now are one game closer to the top pick and Joe Burrow. They were also greatly helped along with the Giants winning.

Now with two games left they are two games ahead for the first pick so they just need to lose one more game to lock it in. However, they have two very winnable games left and getting it out of the way early against Miami would be ideal so the Bengals can win in Week 17 with no worries. Being able to root for a win in Week 17 with no reservations would be nice.

Now, let’s go ahead and take a look at the simulation to see how this game will turn out.

To start the game the Dolphins receive the ball, but both teams struggle mightily to start the game on offense giving up plenty of sacks. At the start of the second half the Bengals finally get a drive going. However, once they get down the field the drive stalls out due to a sack and they are forced to take a field goal.

Bengals first field goal

Bengals: 3-0

The Dolphins receive the ball and very quickly go three and out giving the Bengals time to drive down the field and try to score. The Bengals offense moves down the field using all three timeouts, but when they get in the redzone Andy Dalton throws short of the sticks so the Bengals are unable to score.

After the half the Bengals receive the ball and Andy Dalton is quickly able to hit John Ross well down the field to move into field goal range. Once again though the drive stalls out leading the Bengals to take another field goal.

Bengals second field goal

Bengals: 6-0

After the Bengals second field goal both teams continue to struggle again on offense. The Dolphins only need one touchdown to take the lead, but are unable to get anything going on offense. The Bengals get the ball back in the fourth quarter with a chance to lock in the win. They drive down the field draining time and when they nearly get in the redzone the drive stalls out, but the made field goal makes it a two possession game anyway.

Bengals third field goal

Bengals: 9-0

The Dolphins get the ball back and quickly go three and out allowing the Bengals to kneel out the game and take home the win.

Final Score

2019 Madden Prediction Record: 9-2

Final Score and Stats