Set your DVRs tonight!

I like Joe Burrow, but for me, it's not Burrow or bust. I would be happy with either Joe Burrow, Justin Herbert, Tua, or Jordan Love. As you know, I have been actually pounding the table for Jordan Love. I have been doing that mainly for 2 reasons:

  1. While i don't think he is as pro ready today as Joe Burrow or the other two, I believe he has the most talent today and the highest ceiling for tomorrow.
  2. He allows us to get Chase Young or Andrew Thomas and either get Jordan Love in the second or trade back into the later round of the first to get him (He had a down year -New coach - lost 9 offensive starters- new system).
He would then sit behind Dalton for a year, much like Mahommes did. Because you know, Dalton will be here for the final year of his contract. Mike will not trade him for less than a 2nd and i do not believe anyone will give him that.

Now, about those DVRs! I know many of you don't know who Jordan Love is. He plays quarterback for Utah State. They play their bowl game tonight at 7:30 on ESPN2.

Here is a snippet of him for some early viewing pleasure in the meantime:

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