Big Board

Not sure how, but I would like to somehow make a "ghetto" big board for us.

Any suggestions?

I'm not very good with computer work or formatting. Maybe someone can help???

If we can accomplish this and maybe lay-out our needs and favorite prospects, than we could have something to really b*tch about if we pass on a guy we had rated where we passed on them. Kind of like the Sample puzzler in the 2nd this past year. Still hope he pans out but yeah.

Maybe we can have votes on each position and base it off of maybe 10 players that are possible prospects in a given round? I don't even know if it is possible to pull this off on a computer but maybe someone with some time/patience and computer knowledge can help.

As you can tell I am bored as hell. Just say your a dumbass if this cannot happen halfway easily..... LOL

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