Question before the draft, do you bring Zach Taylor back?

I'm not for getting rid of a coach after one year, but this is the exception. I did not like the hire from jump based on his thin resume and spotty record of achievement. Now we have experienced an entire season of mishaps, I want to point out things worthy of moving on after 1 year:

  • hiring of Jim Turner, anarumdo - bad hires across the board
  • calling his own plays- arrogant for first time head coach who showed he's not ready for primetime
  • Same arrogance passed on prove DC Jack Del Rio and former OL coach- both bad moves
  • poor offensive scheme (Rams scheme is outdated as the NFL has caught up). This was supposedly his strength and is rather weak to me
  • doesn't have a clue with game time decisions
  • went 1-13 to date with the same cast as Marvin Lewis who went 6-10
  • Other one and done coaches faired better than ZT in his first year with less talent
  • Players are media savvy, they are saying the right things, but reality is they don't believe in him. He lost this team months ago. If you ask or hear former players comments, believe their insight into these things. Guys checkout on ZT, just playing on their on professional pride. Trust me!!
  • Move on now and really do the rebuild the correct way. I'm not even going to mention the AJ debacle because that's probably out of his control

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