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Twitter reactions to Bengals’ wild finish vs. Dolphins and securing top pick

Twitter was on fire after the Bengals almost bungled their bungle for Burrow campaign at the finish line.

Heisman Trophy Presentation Photo by Adam Hunger/Getty Images

It has been one long season for Bengals fans. We have only seen the team win a single game all year. The payoff came with this loss to the Dolphins though. Cincinnati is officially on the clock in the 2020 NFL draft as they have secured the first overall pick.

Some fans may be upset that others have rooted for losses to get to this point, but the sad reality is this team only could muster a single win this season. How the fans cheered wouldn’t have changed anything.

Late game scare

The Bengals had quite the comeback in them apparently, which no one saw coming. They scored 16 points after securing an improbable onside kick in between scores to send the game to overtime. Needless to say, this left plenty of fans frustrated after it seemed the tank had been secured. Even some of the national media got in on the disbelief.

Bungled for Burrow

There is no secret that this loss secured the Bengals for their first overall pick since they drafted Carson Palmer in 2003. There is little doubt as to who Cincinnati will likely draft with Heisman winning quarterback Joe Burrow is sitting right there to be picked up for the perfect football story for the kid from Ohio.

That meant that most of the reactions this week, even by the beat reporters, were riddled with direct reference to that reality or sarcasm. This rubbed a few fans the wrong way, but honestly we’ve all watched a single win team this whole season. The least we can do is make light of another loss, and especially one which could help really turn this franchise around.

Tyler Boyd and Dalton connect in a great display of effort and a little history

In the second half, when the game felt lost, Dalton and Boyd combined for a rare bright spot from Sunday. Boyd made an incredible effort to pull in a tough catch, and then worked his way into the endzone. It ended up being an important one for Dalton, and one that got Boyd closer to an important milestone.

Darius Phillips provides a brief moment of momentum

If you’re a fan looking for a reason to be happy this Sunday, look no further than Phillips. He only played sparingly after William Jackson left the game with an injury. However, he made the biggest defensive play of the day.

Post game bliss

The wait is finally over, and everyone can relax. The Bengals accomplished the tank. The next step isn’t a certainty by far. Who knows if Burrow will be the one, but at least we didn’t have to sit through this season and end up with the second overall pick.

Now we can all actually root to absolutely embarrass the Browns next week without being concerned with screwing anything up.

Warning: Lots of Burrow picks, GIFs and general hype for the Bengals next quarterback to come.

(Full transparency some of these tweets came before the Bengals’ comeback that sent the game to overtime.)