3 round mock draft, updated with Bengals in top spot!

It's that time of the year, where mock drafts spin wildly out of control. So let's get it started now that we know the Cincinnati Bengals are in the top spot.

1) Joe Burrow, QB - you take Joe B. and don't look back. I also believe if you are taking a guy this high, he plays right away. Trade or release AD and start the Taylor/Burrow era off right away. With a healthy and improved O line, Mixon will be back to his AFC rushing leader self. AJ Green most likely stays with the team, you also have Boyd and potentially some new guys to round out the group.

2) Kenneth Murray, LB - with many elite level OT's and CB's being taken in first round, Murray could very well be sitting there at the top of the second round. Murray instantly helps upgrade one of the worst LB corps in the NFL. Pratt has shown signs of improvement so far this season, although more help is needed later in draft.

3) Calvin Throckmorton, OT/G - Throckmorton is a versatile guy, which the Bengals value highly. Jonah Williams/Cordy Glenn will most likely be manning the T spots, with Hopkins hopefully being retained at C. The G spots are open with Price and MJ vying for playing time. Throckmorton could take one of the G spots and also develop into a RT.

***Still areas of need with remainder of draft - OLB, WR, DT and CB

Happy Holidays everyone and glad we get our choice of all the top talent in college football.

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