Joe Burrow = Andy Dalton

okay, by now, we’ve probably all read about the anonymous "scout" or "scouts" who have said that Joe Burrow reminds them of Andy Dalton. I’ll keep this relatively short, as reading long winded posts can just be annoying, but I have a theory that I’m pretty confident in.

During the draft season, there is a LOT of smoke and mirrors and teams trying to overhype and underhype players because of the secrecy of who they have on their big boards as top talent. Clearly, they wouldn’t want to give that information out to other teams or the media. That being said, knowing the Bengals were probably going to have the number one overall (and now that being official) and knowing that Joe Burrow was being discussed nationwide as the best QB in the draft AND knowing that the Bengals were more than likely going to pick him, who is the one QB name that would make the Bengals organization and fans take pause on in a QB comparison to re-start at that position....Andy Dalton. (I know, I know, there are a lot of names that could cause fear in the minds of us all, but this is personal, this would be moving on from Dalton to select....Dalton. That makes the pick seem futile, right?)

My theory is, that rumor got started in hopes that the Bengals would panic or overthink the pick and take a different player. Obviously, there is no way to officially prove it, but I feel like if the Dolphins had the #1 overall pick, these "scouts" would be comparing Burrow to Ryan Tannehill, or of it were the Titans, they would compare him to Marcus Mariota. Just to get in the head of the organizations and make them think, maybe we shouldn’t select him? Think about it: if Joe Burrow were the greatest QB ever to have played the game, do you think teams would praise him? Heck no, unless they had the #1 overall pick. If Joe Burrow was horrible, then the anonymous "scout(s)" would be comparing him to Brady, Manning, or Montana...they would be encouraging the Bengals to pick him.

if you don’t think this stuff goes on, you clearly don’t follow the draft or any of the the storylines leading up to the draft. This stuff happens all the time and teams (often the Browns) will sometimes fall for these misleading stories/rumors and pick based off false information or change their pick because of false information.


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