Our Playoffs and Super Bowl

OK - I get it. Another December of watching other teams (hopefully not the Steelers) go and play into the New Year. I’m used to it by now. But I’m going to enjoy the two major events we have left like it is our Playoffs and Super Bowl.

The Playoff for us is a complete smack down of those low-down dirty Browns. I want to see all that disfunction come to a head. I want to see them begging the Bengals on the sidelines to take them in the offseason. I want to see Baker Mayfield cry like a little girl that didn’t get her Frozen dolls for Christmas. I know we can do it. Andy wants to go out with a bang as does all the team. I’m not normally too optimistic when it comes to my Bengals - but I’m feeling really really good about this one. I’m looking at a 35-14 total smack down.

The Super Bowl is the draft. Not just the draft - but the months of debate over picks and offers from desperate teams for the first pick. Talk about how Tua is healthy now, or Chase Young is a generational DE. Talk about Burrow’s arm strength (ugh). Then the draft party - the barbecued ribs, my famous old fashioned. Watching with friends and their teams anticipating their picks - Packers, Colts, Redskins and yes, I even have a friend that is a Steeler fan (ugh again). Day 2 of the draft will be also full of anticipation with the top pick again. Just like Christmas two days in a row - and who knows, maybe Santa will bring an extra pick or two for Cordy Glenn or Andy Dalton!

As a Bengal fan I play the game within the game. I plan to make my own fun - and I have plenty to work with!

Merry Christmas to all Bengal Nation! Who Dey!

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