Wide out route

A first time writer here, I think the best thing about this horrible year is reading the fanposts and listening the the podcasts. I am not an expert in NFL and I am a huge AJ Green fan, but is it time to trade him?

I think we have to choose between AJ Green and John Ross heading into 2020

Both are injury prone high draft picks, both have the ability to turn a game in Bengals favor when given the right service but both might realistically end up being traded because of lack of production. John Ross has played 23 games out of a possible 48 while AJ has played 9 games in the last 2 seasons.

I think AJ is going to cost the Bengals 17m in a franchise tag,and although he is getting into his twilight football years and might get more injured, he is a presence in the locker room and someone who Joe Borrow can gel with. When you look at the year that Antonio Brown has had, AJ Greens lack of diva for someone so talented is hard to find.

While we do have Ross in the final year of his contract, is it a good time to trade him, in a draft with a lot of wide receiver potential ? 10 touchdowns in his Bengal career is a fair return given he sat out most of his first year and has been injured this year, but his lack of contested catches and drops at crucial times is a worry.

So what do you think, trade one, keep both, or trade both and look for a number one receiver in the draft.?

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