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Bengals vs. Browns Madden Simulation: Andy Dalton shines in final game

We simulated the Bengals vs Browns in Madden to try and predict the outcome of the week 17 game.

Cleveland Browns v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Despite a very stressful series of events, the Cincinnati Bengals managed to pull out a close loss against the Miami Dolphins. Now, with the top pick in the 2020 NFL Draft locked in, Bengals fans can rest for the final week of the season.

With that said, it would be very nice to send Andy Dalton out with a win for everything that he has done for the city and the franchise. One final game against the struggling Cleveland Browns gives the Bengals that chance.

Let’s go to the simulation and see if the team can pull together for one last win under Dalton.

The Browns start with the ball and they begin to drive down the field. Eventually, the Bengals’ defense locks down and the Browns are forced to punt. The Bengals’ offense moves down the field well as well, but they get stopped after passing midfield and end up having to settle for a field goal in the red zone.

Bengals first field goal

Bengals: 3-0

The Browns receive the ball and get a touchback. On the first play of the drive the ball is handed off to Nick Chubb who bounces off of two tacklers and runs all the way down the field for the touchdown.

Nick Chubb touchdown

Browns: 7-3

The Bengals receive the ball and drive down the field. They are moving very well and they get into the red zone getting to the one-yard line on first down. On second down, Joe Mixon receives the handoff and runs into a wide open hole for the touchdown.

Joe Mixon touchdown

Bengals: 10-7

After the touchdown, neither team is able to score before halftime. The Bengals receive the ball to start the third quarter and drive down the field, once again the drive stalls out after they cross midfield. In a very accurate representation of Randy Bullock’s leg, he is barely able to get the distance, but makes the field goal.

Bengals second field goal

Bengals: 13-7

The Browns receive the kickoff and start to drive down the field, but are stopped by the Bengals and are forced to punt. The Bengals receive the ball and drive all the way down the field. On first down in the red zone, Andy Dalton is able to hit Alex Erickson to make it a two-score game. The Bengals go for two, but don’t get it.

Alex Erickson touchdown

Bengals: 19-7

The Browns receive the ball and need two quick scores to get back into it so they start quickly driving down the field. After the two minute warning, Baker Mayfield is able to hit Jarvis Landry for a touchdown. There is a flag on the play, but it is a facemask on the Bengals. The Browns decline the penalty and take the touchdown.

Jarvis Landry touchdown

Bengals: 19-14

After the kickoff, the Bengals receive the ball and on after running on first and second down Joe Mixon takes another hand-off on third down and gets the first down. After this, the Bengals simply take a knee and take home a win.

Final Score

2019 Madden Prediction Record: 9-3

Final Score and Stats