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The Orange and Black Insider Bengals podcast: Rockin’ Cleveland

This week, we catch up with James Rapien of Cleveland’s 92. 3 The Fan to preview the Week 14 “Battle of Ohio”. John and Anthony also recap the win against the Jets and the result’s aftermath, as well as previewing a couple more promising 2020 prospects.

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It’s been nearly an entire calendar year since we’ve been able to discuss a Cincinnati Bengals win on the Orange and Black Insider. However, it’s finally been the case this week, as the team beat the Jets last Sunday.

Cincinnati has two of its final four games against Cleveland, with two others against the Dolphins and Patriots. What will the team be able to accomplish with the NFL Draft just a few months away?

On tap for discussion this week:

  • What did Andy Dalton show this week that was missing from the rest of 2019?
  • James Rapien of Cleveland’s 92.3 The Fan helps us look ahead to the Week 14 “Battle of Ohio”.
  • Who gets the lion’s share of the blame for the Browns’ issues this year?
  • How impressive was the Bengals’ win over the Jets?
  • What did Michael Jordan show at left guard this week?
  • Two linebackers—one from the BIG 12 and one from the SEC—could be difference-makers on the Bengals’ defense.

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