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Bengals at Browns Madden Simulation: Can Andy Dalton continue winning?

We simulated the Bengals vs the Browns in Madden to try and find the outcome of the Battle of Ohio part 1.

Madden Simulation highlights

The Bengals finally got their first win of the season against the Jets last week and now look to continue their momentum against the Browns. While fans of the team may question if it is wise for the Bengals to win any more games, it is clear the team has ever intention to field the best team every week and win out.

The Browns have not had the year they have wanted, but they always play the Bengals extra hard. It will be interesting to see their young secondary face off against a Bengals receiving corps that is getting John Ross back for the first time in two months.

With that said, let’s take a look at the simulation and see what happens.

The Browns start with the ball, but neither team is able to get much going on offense for the entire first quarter. Along with a slew of punts, Andy Dalton threw an interception in the red zone that cost the Bengals an early scoring opportunity. Shortly after the interception, the first quarter ended and as it did the Browns seemed to shift into overdrive; easily moving the ball downfield. The Browns score on a Nick Chubb run and get the first points on the board.

Nick Chubb touchdown

Browns: 7-0

After the touchdown, the Bengals receive the ball and despite getting two first downs and getting the ball to around midfield, they end up having to punt. The Browns continue their momentum from the previous drive and easily march down the field. With 14 seconds left in the first half and no timeouts, Baker Mayfield hits Rashard Higgins across the middle for another touchdown.

Rashard Higgins touchdown

Browns: 14-0

After the half the Bengals receive the ball, but in what has been an all too common trend in this game, fail to do much of anything with it. The Browns receive the ball and drive all the way down the field before Baker Mayfield hits Odell Beckham on a drag across the middle for a touchdown.

Odell Beckham TD

Browns: 21-0

After the third Browns touchdown neither team is able to do much with the ball anymore. The Bengals with two minutes left finally start to string together a drive, but a 10-yard sack on third down forces them to punt with under a minute left and the game ends after a Browns kneel.

Final Score

2019 Madden Prediction Record: 8-1

Final Score and Stats