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Bengals FanPulse Week 14

Finally, a win to celebrate.

NFL: New York Jets at Cincinnati Bengals David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Bengals fans finally has something to feel really confident about, as the team picked up its first win of 2019 when they took down the Jets.

As you can imagine, that has fan confidence rising as the team gets set to face the Browns in Week 14.

Speaking of, three of Cincinnati’s final five games will be played in the state of Ohio, which the players have to love after a long, grueling season that’s seem them travel to Seattle, Oakland, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, and even London.

This is actually the third-straight week in which fans have gained confidence in the team. After all, the defense played very well in narrow losses to the Raiders and Steelers, two games the Bengals likely win if Dalton was starting.

Now that the Red Rifle is back, the Bengals are in position to have a strong finish to the season that hopefully gives this franchise some good momentum and positive vibes heading into next season.

What are you thoughts on the Bengals after the first 13 weeks of the regular season?