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Twitter reactions to Bengals’ loss to Browns

Bengals fans couldn’t be more split in how they are reacting to these games down the stretch.

NFL: NOV 24 Steelers at Bengals Photo by Ian Johnson/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Bengals lost a close game to the Browns in Cleveland. The loss ends the team’s longest winning streak of the season, but the fan base is divided over how they are reacting to these games now. Honestly it is pretty interesting to see half of Bengals twitter cheer for a mistake and the other half get upset.

Here are the reactions to the Bengals loss.

Cheering on the tank

Early in the game the Bengals looked like the far better team. They got out to a significant lead, and needless to say, people were concerned. Bengals fans even cheered on the pick six that gave the Browns the lead. It has been pretty divisive among fans how to feel about this kind of fandom, but at the very least it is entertaining.

That included some very mixed reactions to Andy Dalton throwing a pick six early in the game.

Rough in the redzone and overturned takeaway

The Bengals were down by eight with a chance to potentially tie it in the redzone. The play calling, which had been an issue all game, ws highlighted by a designed quarterback run on fourth down.

Following that failure, the Browns threw a ridiculous pass that ended up being tipped and intercepted by Jessie Bate (his second of the day). The call was unfortunately (or fortunately depending on what you’re rooting for at this point) overturned and called pass interference. That was a call we have rarely if ever seen overturned during the regular season. A call that ultimately helped Cleveland secure the win.

Another loss

Hard to get a good gauge on how fans feel about the Bengals losing at this point. Seems like half the fans want to win at all cost and are still angry at 1-12, and others are relieved to have a close loss. Here are the best of the reactions from Cincinnati’s loss.