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More Bengals are choosing custom fit helmets

Technology is making the game safer, and new helmets are one of those changes.

Cincinnati Bengals v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

They say that everything in the NFL filters up from college. One of those changes is the way that Riddell manufactures helmets.

Two years after their Precision Fit system was unveiled, more and more Bengals are opting for. Most of those are first- or second-year players who used the system in college, like Billy Price and Joe Mixon.

From there, equipment manager Adam Knollman can get Riedell to use the players’ scans to create the customized padding that goes on the inside of the shell.

“Part of our job is to educate the players on the safest helmets available,” Knollman said, via the team’s website. “I would say it has evolved over the last five years, but each manufacturer is pushing the other. From what I’ve seen this is the best technology so far. No other company is taking a 3-D scan and customizing it. This is taking it to the next level.”

The whole process takes about six weeks, though it can be sped up if Riddell already has a Precision Fit scan.

For example, Tom Savage requested his custom-fit helmet when he was first signed by the Bengals. Riddell took the scans they already had when he had when he was with the Texans and the 49ers and got him his new helmet in three days.

Riddell is helping to improve the safety of the game, in which head trauma is becoming a growing concern. Hopefully, these new designs accomplish just that and make the game safer at all levels of football.