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Bengals coaching profile: Joey Boese

The Bengals new strength and conditioning coach has plenty of experience.

Wisconsin v Oregon X

Cincinnati continues to fill out its staff after making Zac Taylor the team’s newest head coach.

One of the newest additions is Joey Boese as the strength and conditioning coach. Boese has ample experience for the job even at the ripe age of 38.


  • 2008-2011: Texas A&M (Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach)
  • 2012-2015: Fresno State (Strength and Conditioning Coach)
  • 2016-2018: Illinois (Strength and Conditioning Coach)

Boese and Taylor originally crossed paths during their time at Texas A&M. Taylor brought in Jim Turner as the offensive line coach from his same stint with the team, so it is clear that Taylor is both comfortable and familiar with Boese.

Before he became a coach in the weight room, Boese played college ball at Wisconsin as a defensive back. He even spent some time in the CFL before landing on his career in coaching.

The Boese hire continues the trend of younger coaches that have filled most of Taylor’s staff up to this point. Boese seems to have a little more experience at his designated title than most of Taylor’s other hires, even though he doesn’t have experience in the NFL.

As Taylor prepares to cleanse the Bengals’ palate of the Marvin Lewis era, It is clear that this is another systematic hire by Taylor to help install his own culture and environment. After 16 years of Lewis and his strength and conditioning coach Chip Morton, it will be interesting to see if players note a change in workouts and the overarching approach in practices and preparation.

“There will be a different approach. It’s a new time and a new culture we’re going to set,” Boese told Geoff Hobson of “Not only in the weight room but for the whole organization. Holding everyone to the same high standard. That will start in the weight room, the training sessions, OTAs, training camp and on into the season.”

This is another one of those moves that may not seem like a big deal on the outside, but could end up playing a big role behind the scenes if somehow this change leads to better results on the field. Boese just can’t wait to get to work under Taylor.

“I like his aggressiveness, his intelligence, the way he communicates,” Boese said. “We’ve been good friends since A&M and when he called, I knew that was the guy I wanted to go work for, the kind of family man he is and the kind of football coach he is. I know he’ll have success here at the Bengals.”