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Bengals add Brad Kragthorpe to their coaching staff

Brad Kragthorpe is leaving his alma mater of LSU to join the Bengals coaching staff.

Outback Bowl - Iowa v LSU Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

The Bengals are finishing out the last of their hires on the coaching staff. They have now added Brad Kragthorpe to their staff. The official title has yet to be announced, but odds are he will be an assistant offensive coach without a position or an offensive analyst.

Brad Kragthorpe is the son of LSU’s assistant coach Steve Kragthorpe. He was a walk-on quarterback at LSU from 2012-2015. He then became the team’s offensive analyst. LSU had the 37th ranked scoring offense (32.4 points per game).

Kragthorpe is another pretty inexperienced guy considering he hasn’t been anywhere aside from his alma mater as an assistant. He is also only 26-years-old. Although, it isn’t unusual to have young guys make up the peripheral of a team’s coaching staff. After all, that is how most coaches get their experience before becoming a positional coach.

It is very clear that Zac Taylor has a vision for where this team is going, and based on his coaching staff, it feels like a lot of his vision involves taking inspiration from the college game. Kragthorpe has had a very up close and personal view of LSU’s offense over the past few years. A team that has been pumping out impressive offensive prospects over the past few years.

Not to mention he probably has a pretty good handle on SEC talent, so his views in the draft room could also be pretty valuable as well.

This isn’t a hire that will make or break the Bengals 2019 season, but it does reassure the direction that Taylor is taking the Bengals.