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Bengals plan to hire Joey Boese to Strength and Conditioning staff, per report

Taylor wants to add another former colleague to his coaching staff.

Sun Bowl X Boese

Chip Morton, the Bengals’ former strength and conditioning coach, was with Cincinnati for as long as Marvin Lewis was.

If you saw Lewis on the sideline on TV, you probably saw Morton behind him in the background. Morton will not be around for the Zac Taylor era, and his replacement may’ve been found.

Taylor is planning to hire another former colleague of his in Joey Boese to potentially replace Morton at strength and conditioning coach, per Field Yates.

Just like OL coach Jim Turner, Boese was at Texas A&M with Taylor from 2008-2011 as the assistant strength and conditioning coach. He received a promotion to become the head strength and conditioning coach at Fresno State in 2012 and spent four years on the west coast for that job.

He then took the Illinois strength and conditioning job in 2016 and has been with the school ever since.

Boese played defensive back for Wisconsin and was a two-year starter. He continued his career in the CFL for four years until he moved on to coaching.

It’s unclear if Taylor is hiring Boese to replace Morton or to replace Jeff Friday, who was Morton’s assistant and was also let go. Taylor hired Ben Martin, another former colleague of his, as the assistant offensive line coach before he hired Turner, so it’s possible he’s approaching this in a similar way.