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The Orange and Black Insider Bengals podcast: 3/19 livestream

Guest co-host Cody Tewmey joins the program, as we take a look at the most recent Bengals free agency activities. Has Cincinnati merely treaded water, or have they actually markedly improved as a team? What do their moves mean for next month’s draft?

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It’s been a roller coaster of a ride, in terms of the start of Bengals free agency. Who Dey Nation was up in arms in a couple of early contracts, but they’ve been a little more active early on than we expected.

Even so, it’s been a lot more of the same from previous March forays. The Bengals have re-signed many of their own and have kept to their usually-preferred outside free agency player profiles.

While it seems as if the Bengals have been treading water through the first week with their acquired talent, does that actually point to an improvement because it opens up their draft plans? And, speaking of next month’s festivities, will the team be looking in a completely different positional direction in the early rounds?

After all, Preston Brown, Bobby Hart, John Miller and Tyler Eifert have signed deals, and those appeared to be the biggest needs for Cincinnati this offseason. But, the team also parted ways with star-crossed linebacker Vontaze Burfict this week.

Guest co-host and Bengals Twitter personality Cody Tewmey will be joining the program, so get in touch with us! We’ll be taking your questions on the air, so send them to us via Twitter (@BengalsOBI), in the comment thread below, or by leaving them in the live chat through the above-embedded video link. We also take calls and texts, so contact us at (949) 542-6241!

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