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Twitter roundup on Tyler Eifert and Vontaze Burfict

A lot of emotion after these two moves.

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Cleveland Browns Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

The Bengals launched the second week of free agency with a wide spectrum of emotions.

First things first, Tyler Eifert made it official and signed his new contract on Monday after news that he had reached a deal broke on St. Patrick’s Day weekend.

Bengals fans and members of the media all had similar reactions. Most were very happy, if not trepidatious, about the prospect of another year with Eifert.

Eifert even got shoutouts from some big names in the local food scene.

And, of course, there were several minions-themed celebrations.

With the news of Eifert inking his new deal, the Bengals released long-time LB Vontaze Burfict. Naturally, it is hard not to see a connection between the two moves.

There were mixed reactions about Burfict’s release. Most agree that Burfict, though once an amazing player, has failed to live up to his Pro Bowl season form.

His former teammates also had something to say.

There were others, mostly outside of Cincinnati, that were relieved at the news.

The interesting thing is that the two players have had similar career paths that are finally diverging. Both have had promising starts to their careers, but have not been able to stay on the field.

In both cases, we would have loved to see them stay. But, again, in both cases, keeping them would be an difficult business decision.

Either way, the Bengals probably did the right thing on both counts.