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NFL Draft Profile Video: Ed Oliver

If the Bengals want to attempt a BPA approach then there is a decent chance Ed Oliver should be their pick at 11

Ed Oliver 2019 Video Draft Profile

The Bengals often preach a best player available strategy during the draft, but that idea will be put to the test if Ed Oliver falls to the Bengals pick at 11.

Ed Oliver Athletic Profile:

  • Height: 6’ 2”
  • Weight: 287 pounds
  • Vertical Jump: 36”
  • Broad Jump: 120”
  • Bench Press: 32 reps

Ed Oliver is the classic example of projection of a player and his role in the pros. Oliver went to a small school where he rarely had opportunities to play against NFL quality talent. He also was played what should be considered as out of position at Houston, often playing as a pure nose in their three-man front.

Taking him from there and putting him in a position where he is playing next to Geno Atkins would be one of the most positive things you could do for him, as he could continue to work on his polish as a pass rusher studying Atkins.

With Atkins getting up there in age, taking Oliver would be the exact kind of move that the Bengals could make to ensure that their pass rush can stay deadly up the interior. Most likely, he will be the best player available at pick 11 if he makes it that far. So the question will be, do the Bengals take the most talented player, or reach on someone at a position of more need like linebacker.

To see the full breakdown of his game and his pro comparison check out the above Draft Profile Video.