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The Orange and Black Insider Bengals podcast: Rounding up

This week, a slate of great guests bring their Bengals insights as we tee up the NFL Draft. Mickey Mentzer, Cody Tewmey, New Stripe City’s Ace Boogie and James Rapien of 92.3 The Fan in Cleveland join us as we talk about all of the possibilities with Cincinnati and their 11 picks this year. 

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When it comes to the NFL Draft, we at The Orange and Black Insider go big, or go home.

On this week’s episode, we brought on a handful of fan-favorite guests to get you set for the huge weekend ahead. Bengals multimedia favorites Mickey Mentzer and Cody Tewmey, as well as Ace Boogie of the outstanding New Stripe City podcast and the ever-popular James Rapien of 92.3 The Fan in Cleveland all joined us on this week’s OBI.

Rapien kicked off the show with a bang, as we take a pulse of what’s happening in the city of Cleveland because of the hype surrounding the Browns. Interestingly enough, Rapien sees some similarities between the 2019 Browns and the 2005 Bengals. He also has an ideal Cincinnati draft scenario that almost every fan can get behind.

For those who are unaware, New Stripe City features a cool metric that Ace Boogie calls “prime”. He explained the process in which certain players fit the molds, be it positionally and/or physically, that the Bengals often prefer. There are some really interesting players who top his list.

We asked Tewmey about “the usual suspects” being talked about with the Bengals and their No. 11 pick. Tewmey also touched on what he thinks about possible surprises with the club and their potential maneuvering this weekend.

Mentzer talked about to us about the transition the Bengals have witnessed over the past four months, and how there are reasons for optimism amidst so much change. He also had some great insight into some Buckeyes prospects—particularly those who could be good fits in stripes.

It was both incredibly informative and a lot of fun catching up with this crew.

Also on this week’s episode:

  • Is Will Grier being overlooked as one of the top quarterbacks in this class?
  • Could the Bengals trade back in the first round and use the capital to trade for Josh Rosen?
  • Which 2019 prospects top Ace Boogie’s “prime” metric system?
  • What about Darron Lee as a potential trade target during the weekend?
  • Plus, we talk about a special Bengals guest we’ll have joining us in a future episode!

Our thanks to all of the live listeners and to the subscribers to our channels. Join us for every live episode and keep it here at Cincy Jungle during draft weekend for all the news, opinions and analysis on the Bengals’ draft haul!

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